Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wishlist - Summer Must Haves

As the temperature rises and my summer wardrobe starts seeing some action, I am on the hunt for the perfect additions to my closet. First up - wedges. Both cute and comfortable, walking is a breeze compared those 5 inch stilettos I'm ready to retire for the season.

These from BCBGirls are pretty close to perfect and they don't break the bank.

{available at piperlime}

Next up - I need a shoulder bag. The last thing I want is to tote around a huge purse when it is hot & humid. This colorful, beaded one is the best I've seen (and I've done my research!).

{available at net-a-porter}

Okay, for the last item on my list I may be behind the curve, but I am now ready to be the proud owner of a pair of boyfriend jeans. I have shopped around and only the original will do - Current /Elliott's.

{image via fabsugar}

Of course - there will always be things I 'need' to add to my wardrobe - these will have to do until I find my next source of inspiration:)

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