Thursday, May 28, 2009

Studio 54

As we all learned, history repeats itself. The same goes for certain fashion trends. Some we embrace, others we shudder away from. Much to my delight, we have seen the return of the 70's....

I have become slightly obsessed with the Studio 54 era and basically the 1970's in general. It may have something to do with my love for all things gold and sequins? I love the looks of Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie who embody the era oh so well. It was a time when Halston was king, his fluid jersey dresses the requisite club 'uniform'. I really wish I was around to see the glitz and glamour surrounding the (in)famous nightclub in 1977. If those walls could talk................

Here some pieces that scream Studio 54 in all its (short lived) glory:

{Diane Von Furstenberg, Net-a-Porter}

{Halston, Net-a-Porter}

{CC Skye, Couture Candy}

{3.1 Philip Lim, Net-a-Porter}

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