Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mommy Dearest

As most of you already know, this Sunday is a tribute to the woman who gave you life - celebrate accordingly! Since I have an entire continent separating me and my mother, I will be ordering something online. So - flowers, chocolates, diamonds? Here are my top gift ideas....

Anything from Vosges Chocolates! These are seriously delicious, so much in fact my mom has to hide them from my dad...

I love flowers, but I don't like to send them online. You never know what you are getting and if you read the fine print it says "colors and varieties may vary". How reassuring.

These Natori Robe and Pajamas are just what my mom needs. It's a nice change from the current t-shirt and sweatpants and the floral print just oozes happiness.

The gift of Netflix! In any denomination, 1 month all the way up to a year if you are so (financially) inclined. With over a million titles and the new technology that allows you to watch directly on your tv, you are sure to nail the coveted spot of 'favorite child'.

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