Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend! Do something you enjoy.


The latest in style-ish news from around the world wide web.
*The interns at a certain Conde Nast publication posted this note after being forced to do the Editor's dishes on a daily basis. {Gawker}
*No surprise here - the staff and Vogue are not allowed to wear flats. That Anna rules with an iron fist. {The Cut}
*This is what is wrong with the world today. There are actually match making events with guys from finance and girls from finance. Ick. {Fashionista}
*This photo confirms what the world has been pondering - Gisele really is knocked up. Ed note -looks like the photo has been taken down! You will have to snag this weeks issue of People to see the spermination. {The Cut}
*Swim Suit vending machines..... Only at the Standard Hotel. {Refinery 29}
*The Sartorialist is the man behind the lens for DKNY Jeans Fall Campaign. Oh, and the leading lady is H. Duff. {Stylecaster}
{Image via The Marc Eck0 Blog}

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Closet Envy

No Really. Aside from the gorgeous clothes, that is. Look at the structure and glamour of these amazing spaces! Oh to have a little extra square footage......

#1 - Just a random dream closet for anyone with a clothes habit.
#2 - My style icon, girl crush, etc, etc. Rachel Zoe.
#3 - THE Carrie Bradshaw closet, pre- heaven on fifth.
#4 - Paris Hilton. Her closet is pretty, but she never is very well dressed...
#5 - Jamie Lynn Sigler.
#6 - Eva Longoria Parker. No fair.
#7 - Nicky Hilton. The stylish of the two Hilton sisters.

{Images 1,3,4pretty things 4 you , 5-7 In Style, 2 - SATC.}

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

64 Pages of Vogue Goodness.

Check out some of the pages from one of the best editorials since, well, ever.

You've done it this time, Carine Roitfeld. I. heart. you.

A few image here. The rest here.

Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's.

Quirky John Galliano.

Lux Louis Vuitton.

Striking Dries Van Noten.

Bad-ass Balmain.

King Karl.

Moschino. Cheap. And Chic.
{Discovered via because im addicted}

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Edition

To the closet! My very first pair of Current/Elliotts. On Sale. 50% off. That just doesn't happen.

Love, love, love them. And ironically, they are not the pair posted earlier today. But they were only $121, so I can justify purchasing them and not the !iT brand pair :) Get them here, while they last! I got the last pair in my size.

Splurge vs Save.

Boyfriend Jeans. The best kind are actually stolen from your significant other rather than purchased from [insert retailer's name here]. Sometimes you find yourself flying solo without the perks of a male closet, in which case - splurge? Or save?

Can you tell which one of these pairs of denim costs a mere $78? And which one retails for an astounding $245?

Personally, I like the darker wash of pair #2. And, if you want that extra distressed look, take a pair of scissors and get to work. Better that than taking the scissors to that extra $167 you would be spending.............

1) Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jeans, $245
2) !iT Jeans 'Ellie' Boyfriend Jeans, $78

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wanderlust - Greece Edition

Some days, I just want to pick up everything and move to an island where the views are endless and the weather is warm. I think I could handle Greece in all its glory. Anyone looking for a bartender/waitress/nanny/deckhand? Seriously, I wouldn't be too picky.

Oh how I love me some Mediterranean/Aegean Sea.
{images from flickr &}

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Because

How awesome is this swimsuit? I need it. Now.
$230, but I have a feeling I'd get my money's worth.....
Get it here.


The latest in style-ish news from around the world wide web.

-The CFDA inducted 31 new members, with names like Alex Wang, Chris Benz, Jason Wu and the Olsen twins....Not sure how I feel about Michelle Tanner(s) making the list? {The Cut}

-Stella McCartney is appealing to your love for Bambi (in a friendly, vegetarian sort of way, natch) in her Fall 2009 Ad Campaign. {Fashionologie}

-Stylecaster brings you the weekly twitter roundup of fashions biggest players.

-The First Lady debuted a new coif. Me thinks very Jackie-O. {People StyleWatch}

-Charges were dropped against Jack Bauer aka Kiefer Sutherland in the head - butt heard round the world. I wonder if Proenza Schoeler now has a new investor? {The Cut}

-The ladies who brought you Who What Wear Daily are now joining the ranks of fashion coffee table books everywhere. Now you don't even need an internet connection to look fab. {Fashionista}

-Anna Wintour will be your host for the premiere of The September Issue. August 19, 2009. Mark your calendars, because the devil will be wearing prada. {Stylecaster}

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hardcore H & M

Your favorite mega-store Hennes & Mauritz is bringing the S & M to their Divided line come Fall 2009. Sure some pieces look more like a bad Halloween costume than Couture, but some are pretty fabulous.

Check out these awesome pieces that look more Balmain and Alex Wang than discount duds. In the words of Christian Siriano: fierce.

PS - Try not to overdo this look by pairing it with something a little more demure.... A plain white button down is a great place to start. When it comes to studs and leather, less is more people. Less is more.

{Refinery 29, found via Monica Rose}

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this new flick from the creepy mind of Tim Burton.....

Groupe Love

As opposed to groupie love, but there really is no difference here. I am a Gilt Groupe groupie. Seriously, I am smitten. I literally plan my lunch around the noon openings and import the sale dates to my outlook calendar. Check out my latest score - a Rebecca Minkoff Clutch bag. I had been drooling over several of the colors at Bloomies and I was lucky enough to snag this one at last weeks Gilt sale (well, this bag in a gorgeous buttery tan color, but you get the idea.)

{Get this one here}

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bad, bad blogger.

Oops. My bad. Vacation + GRE prep + GRE Exam + Upcoming trip to Vegas = Zero new blog posts. I promise something really good soon.

Stay tuned.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Well, I am off to the great Pacific Northwest for some fun in the sun. (Ed note - yes, they are having better weather and have been having better weather than NYC for over a month now).

A little 206 love.

{A lovely view of Lake Union and Mt. Rainer}

{City Skyline at dusk}

{Pike Place Market with a view of Puget Sound}

{4th of July fireworks!}

Have a safe & happy holiday. I will be back to post my life away a week from today.


Yes, Please Alex Wang.

So, pretty much everything Alexander Wang does is amazing. Scratch that, everything he does is ah-mazing. I haven't encountered a piece I didn't like. If only my budget could stretch to include one or any of these fabulous new bags. I seriously don't know which I like best?!

{All bags available at Shopbop}