Monday, June 1, 2009

Wanderlust - Iguazu Falls

Writing about all the places in the world I would go if it were financially feasible helps me live vicariously through the post. And should I hold the golden ticket someday (I'll admit I've been known to purchase a megamillions ticket or 5) I will have a long list of trips mapped out.

Todays spotlight is the glorious, gorgeous, breathtaking Iguazu Falls. One of my top 3 places to go - and I have quite a long list.... Right on the border of Brazil & Argentina, the falls splits into the upper and lower Iguazu River. Legend has it that a god planned to marry a beautiful aborigine named Naipí, who fled the arranged marriage with her mortal lover Tarobá in a canoe. The god sliced the river in a rage, creating the waterfalls and condemning the lovers to an eternal fall.

Okay, that was a fun little story, but back to reality. What a good reason to travel to South America, and explore Argentina & Brazil. I can't think of reason why not to go.

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