Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strap Happy

Even though it is late June, we are still waiting for summer to hit in the Big Apple. We have had miserable rain, thunderstorms (which I actually like, only sporadically not every day), and seriously bi polar temperatures. We were hit with a few random days that were hot, humid, and sticky which made me rethink the whole big, leather purse idea. What I really want is a cross body bag, that is small and keeps my hands free and doesn't trap the heat to my body:)

On my search thus far I have discovered:

{West/Feren Berkshire Handbag, $175}

{Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy Bag, $198}

{Elliott Lucca Firenze Crossbody, $58}

I am going to scour the vintage shops in my LES neighborhood, and hit up a couple of flea markets before I make up my mind. The only condition is that the bag cannot be black. Black is so not the color of summer. I am thinking a warm tan, or even red if I am feeling feisty. More to come later!

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