Monday, June 22, 2009

Waking Up in Vegas

I am on the hunt for the perfect dress for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas. The are about 20 of us gathering in Sin City for a bachelorette party, but the emphasis is more on getting together and going out then any upcoming nuptials. So - I need a dress. A killer dress. That is Vegas hot but doesn't give it all away for free (if you catch my drift.......)

As I've already mentioned, I love, love love sequins. But I need something more red carpet and less Jesse Spano from Showgirls. I am on a budget, but I am excluding F21 for this trip, not because I don't love me some designer knockoffs, but I have a sneaking suspicion everyone and their mother will be wearing something from there......
Here are some options for my sequin fix:

{Foley & Corinna Sequin Halter Dress, $315}

{Gryphon The Sequin Tunic, $418}

More to come later. Now I'm thinking something neon pink would be pretty fab as well :)

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