Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Splurge vs Save

A girl can never have too many handbags. My requirements for a handbag are: fashionable, functional, and durable. It has to be easy on the eyes, but not so beautiful (and expensive) that it should be housed in a glass case. It has to fit everything I tote around with me on a daily basis, which has come to include my wallet, camera, phone, notebook, and flip flops. As for durability - who hasn't slung theirs over the back of a chair or *gasp* placed it on the ground?

#1. Foley & Corinna Classic City Tote, $485
#2. Roxy Over The Rainbow Satchel, $46

It's easy to spot the 'knockoff' here. Everything depends on your budget for the Fall.... What do you think? Splurge or Save??

1 comment:

  1. I have the Foley & Corinna city tote and I can tell you it is worth every penny! the leather is so buttery soft and it holds everything. I love it!