Monday, August 24, 2009

Now & Later

All things being equal - I am a dress gal. I love that the femininity of a dress and that it is an effortless outfit in one piece. However, I do have to wear something other than a dress every now and then. This is why I love leggings. In college I used to be casual and *gasp* wear sweats outside of the house. A light bulb went off and I soon figured out that leggings are the formal sweats. I wear leggings with boots, flats, flip flops, tanks, blouses, sweaters. Comfy and cute (there is a small anti-legging population, if you are one of them please skip this post........)

Leggings PLUS sequins = BEST IDEA EVER.

{Alice & Olivia Sequin Leggings, $298}

Granted, you can't wear these babies every day. But they sure as hell add a little something extra to whatever you pair them with.

To ease out of the August heat pair them with a long-ish neutral colored tank (white, black, gray) and flat sandals.

To ease into the Fall wear them with flat boots and a long, drapey cardigan.

It is items exactly like this that get me ready for the change in season!

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