Thursday, September 3, 2009

White Now

A) It is Labor Day already, B) It is September 3rd, C) It is Labor Day already. I know I have blogged about what to wear with Fall fast approaching, but somehow I thought I had some time on my hands before the 3 day weekend hit me in the face.

I have mentioned here that white (imho) is not only okay post labor day, but wearing of the non color should be encouraged. Who made that rule anyway? We all know rules were made to be broken.....

Some fabulous white to wear well after the leaves change and the temperature drops.

1. Camilla Skovgaard Cutout Booties with Lug Sole, $472
2. Balmain Bow Embellished Silk Blouse, $4,435
3. Alice & Olivia Elyse Silk Dress, $420

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