Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Splurge vs. Save

I know it is hard to spend money on shades. They are easily lost, smashed, stepped on, swept up in a tornado, etc. And when something is that fragile, you don't want to spend serious cash. Personally, I am willing to spend upwards of $200 (okay $300) to have a piece of the designer pie. But, when places like Forever 21 make their own version of the iconic wayfarer, what is better? A splurge? Or to save??

1. Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer, $189
2. Forever 21 Sunglasses, $5.80

1 comment:

  1. The Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer's are my favorite sunglasses in the World. Like, I don't want to be dramatic or anything....but they're amazing. And they last Forever. With a capital F.

    Plus, anything in tortoise is a big score.