Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dear Gilt,

I love to shop. I love a bargain. I love, love, love that in this economy, I have your website to look forward to every morning. Some days are worthy of an alarm, others allow me my beauty sleep. I love that you have a free app for my iPhone. That there, is a lot of love. But you have taken my fragile heart and broken it. I really don't love that you just opened up the sales 15 minutes early to an 'elite' group of individuals. An 'elite' group who spend over $10,000 a year, and don't need to be shopping on your website in the first place. Good thing you catered to the needs of Gwenyth, a Google CEO, and the like. I may, just may, have to boycott. Unless you have Alex Wang again.


Exclusive Members-Only Site Gilt.com Launches More Exclusive Site, nymag.com

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