Thursday, July 30, 2009

Closet Envy

No Really. Aside from the gorgeous clothes, that is. Look at the structure and glamour of these amazing spaces! Oh to have a little extra square footage......

#1 - Just a random dream closet for anyone with a clothes habit.
#2 - My style icon, girl crush, etc, etc. Rachel Zoe.
#3 - THE Carrie Bradshaw closet, pre- heaven on fifth.
#4 - Paris Hilton. Her closet is pretty, but she never is very well dressed...
#5 - Jamie Lynn Sigler.
#6 - Eva Longoria Parker. No fair.
#7 - Nicky Hilton. The stylish of the two Hilton sisters.

{Images 1,3,4pretty things 4 you , 5-7 In Style, 2 - SATC.}

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